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What I've Learnt From Blogging So Far

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In the years I have now been blogging I've never actually written any type of post like this. I know a lot of top bloggers have written posts about how they got to where they are and their personal tips and tricks. I have also seen and read a lot of these posts recently, which is kind of what spurred me on to write my own. I'm by no means the greatest or most dedicated blogger but I'd like to think that I've learnt some useful tips which may help any of you who are relatively new to blogging.
1. Don't stress
Personally I'm prone to stressing about pretty much anything so for me I find this one particularly hard, some of you may not. I don't like the feeling that I haven't produced something for you guys to read, for any reason, therefore this produces me to stress over it. I have however learnt to not stress as much. It's my blog therefore I can write and publish a post whenever I want. I tend to try and schedule a post every two days but there are times that this doesn't always go to plan. I can plan as much as I like but sometimes finding the time to actually write the posts can be tricky. I work full time and am also now in my final year at university so juggling the two can be difficult and time consuming. So my life is stressful enough without stressing over my blog. Basically I have learnt there is no point in stressing over your blog. It's yours, you've produced it, you've made it on your terms. If you want to miss a blog post out in the week then do it, if you want a week off let your readers know and go and recharge!
2. Remember that certain things take time
I have definitely learnt this one and it has taken me many times to get to grips with this one if I'm honest. Some blog posts will of course be easier to write than others but when they are rushed then I believe you can tell. I've 100% rushed many posts previously and when I've read them back, I've thought "wow, that doesn't even make sense!". I believe that if you're not in the right frame of mind to write a blog post, then don't. Your readers want to read good quality posts with a truthful review, or whatever it may be. This can also link into photos that you upload on your blog. I must say that this is something I lack and I think it's because I don't own one of the huge proper photography cameras, which of course I'd love too. I simply just use my iPhone which is good enough quality but obviously nothing on the good cameras. But the editing process can take time so again don't rush it as it's going to be something that stays on your blog forever, pretty much.
3. Make it your own
This one is pretty self explanatory - I've seen bloggers have their content taken and used by someone else which of course is not nice. Bloggers, including myself, take time to write and edit their content which is published on their blogs. You gain absolutely nothing from copying and pasting from someone else's blog. Putting your own personality and writing style into your blog is what makes it your own and therefore separates you from every other blogger. It gains you readers as people will understand you as a person and as a blogger.
4. Vary your content
Again this one is pretty obvious, personally I like to read blogs that showcase a variety of posts. Including reviews, lifestyle, fashion, life snippets, wish lists, etc. I'll say it again - it's your blog so make it your own but incorporate a variety of posts to keep your readers reading basically. Again some posts will take longer to edit and write than others but that shouldn't stop you, unless you literally have no time. Personally I find wish lists can take longer than most other posts but that doesn't mean I don't write them it might just mean that I don't do them as often. Variety keeps readers interested and will attract new ones. This also links to point number three as you vary your posts continue making them your own.
5. Do what you want, when you want, how you want
Finally I feel the most important and I have touched on it already. It is your blog, you can run it however the hell you wish too. If you want to run a blog focused on one area or you want to incorporate every area, then do it. Don't hold back when it comes to something that you have built yourself, from scratch. As I've said if you want to take a week off, then do, no one is there to tell you not to. You are the boss of your blog and you control it. It doesn't matter what other bloggers are doing; some bloggers post daily, some monthly but you should post when you see fit. As I've said I try to post every other day but if that doesn't work out for me then I've learnt not to stress about it and just continue with my life. I know I will next post when I'm ready to and when I have the time. Your blog should be something you love, not something you love to hate. You should want to post, interact with your readers and love it. 


  1. love this! totally agree with all of this! xx,kenz

  2. I agree, it's hard for me to not stress sometimes. But since it's our blogs, we should try to relax and not let it stress us!! Great tips :) xo


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