Thursday, 15 October 2015

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser

I've actually been wanting to purchase this product for a long period of time but for some reason I have only just got around to doing that. I think with me going on two hot holidays, my skin has needed a lot of moisture. Also with wanting to keep my tan and now with the weather turning colder here in the UK. I'm usually terrible with moisturising my skin so I figured that this concept may keep me on top of doing so.

The gist of this product is to make moisturising easy therefore doing it in the shower. You simply apply this after your shower gel/cream and then wash it off. It really is that simple and super quick. I thought there may have been some waiting time, which I wouldn't be a fan off, but thankfully there is not. You can apply it and then wash it off straight away which is perfect.

I find even after washing this off my skin, in the shower, that I can feel the difference. My skin does feel soft within a minute and I really love that I can feel the difference in that short period of time. As I mentioned I have recently been on two hot holidays therefore I've been through my peeling stage and wanting to desperately keep my tan. Through this stage I did find that this product wasn't enough and didn't moisturise my skin enough to stop the peel. I know sometimes you cannot stop it and it does happen courtesy of whatever. But after applying this in the shower and then getting out, drying etc. I found my skin just didn't feel full of moisture therefore in some areas I did apply another moisturiser on top of this product.

Although saying this I find now that this product really does work and is enough for my skin. I still have my tan, just, but I'm all peeled and "normal" now and am really enjoying this product. I picked up the largest bottle which I would definitely recommend as if you are wanting to moisturise your whole body then you do use quite a lot of product. I would definitely recommend this if you're like me and are lazy when it comes to moisturising. It's a cheap, quick and easy product to use. It also smells great in this cocoa version.

Let me know if you've tried an in shower moisturiser and your thoughts, I'd love to hear what you think :-)

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  1. I love this stuff! I use it very often! xx,kenz


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