Friday, 6 November 2015

Amphora Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion

All the previous products I've tried from Amphora Aromatics I have loved so when I received this one I was super excited to give it a whirl. I've actually been testing this out for quite some time as I find that a moisturiser is something you really need to use for a while to find out whether it's right for you or not. This one from Amphora Aromatics is for all skin types and includes Lavender and Tea Tree. Tea Tree is a great product for spots so I thought this would be great for my skin.

First impressions of this product are ok; I like the packaging simply because I love a pump, it's so much easier to get the product out and use the right amount. This product definitely has a scent to it, so if you don't like strong scents then you won't like this one. Both the scents hit you when applying it onto your skin, which I don't personally like, although it does settle down relatively quickly so after a short while it is fine. I only have to use one pump of this moisturiser and it covers my whole face well.

The consistency of this product is relatively thin, hence why a little goes a long way I guess. I think the light consistency is why, at this time of the year, that this moisturiser isn't quite cutting it for my skin type. My skin is super dry in areas at the moments so I find that I'm needing something a lot thicker to help those areas. Although this moisturiser does a great job on my not so dry areas, it's not really great to wear two different moisturisers and I definitely need something to cater for my whole face rather than just half of it.

Overall I love the packaging and think this would be the perfect moisturiser in the hotter/summer months so I will definitely be stashing it away until then! I really think the tea tree aspect helps soothe my spots as well which is great from a moisturiser. If you've never checked out Amphora Aromatics then I would definitely recommend doing so :-)

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