Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Disappointing Products #5

I recently ran out of my Clearasil spot pads (not the correct name but I've forgotten!) so whilst in Superdrug I saw these ones, for a fraction of the price, so thought I would give them a go. I do love my Clearasil ones but when you use them twice a day, they do disappear quickly therefore can be expensive to keep repurchasing. Hence why I thought I would give these ones a go due to mainly the price tag but they do claim pretty much the same thing.

The first day I started using these I wasn't impressed, now with only a few pads left, my opinion hasn't changed. I first opened these and the top pad was pretty much dry. These pads are supposed to be soaked in whatever formula is in the tub, I understand the top one may be difficult to keep soaked in, but for it to be dry I was disappointed in. As I carried on using these, they did start to become more wet, therefore soaked in product, but only after using the top few.

I've been using these twice a day ever since I picked them up and can say that I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin. These are supposed to clear and refresh your complexion, I can't say I haven't noticed any difference but if any it's very slight. The tea tree scent I personally find very refreshing anyway, so I think the scent of these pads more than the formula is what I prefer, especially in the mornings. In terms of a clear complexion, my skin has been relatively clear recently but I'm not entirely convinced that it's down to this product.

Overall I have enjoyed using these more in the morning but I can say that I wouldn't repurchase this product. The Clearasil ones are 10 times better than these so I will definitely stick to what I know next time. Although you know me, I do like to try out a variety of products before settling my decision. Let me know if you've tried this product and your thoughts on it :-)

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