Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Week In Pictures #21

I swear I always say this but it feels like a long time since my last one of these particular posts although the past couple of weeks have flown by. It's been slightly hectic and I feel like I've been constantly busy but I can't fully tell you exactly what I've been doing.

For the first time in my life last weekend I fully lost my voice! I started off squeaky and then ended up sounding like a rattily, old man. I got the piss taken out of me fully for two days until it finally came back and I must say, ordering in a restaurant with no voice was slightly embarrassing. Even more so when your brother in law claims you went out on a huge binge the night before. Yes, I was drinking the night before but I can tell you it definitely wasn't that.

It was my sisters birthday and we had a fab night out! Full of Prosecco and laughs, with new and old friends. That particular night it also snowed for the first time this Winter in the UK! Not that it lasted at all of course, but sitting outside in it with a glass of bubbles was really lovely albeit cold.

I've been inundated with uni work, no change there hey! I have one more essay to do before Christmas and I'd like to say I'll feel relieved after that but unfortunately not. The looming dissertation is just the worst feeling and as soon as this next essay is finished I will be starting it finally. At least I know my topic now which is one positive, just need to get writing which is the scary part!

So overall it's been a busy couple of weeks which will probably only increase as it gets closer to Christmas! But how exciting that it's December next week?! It's mad that it's gone so quickly. Let me know your favourite thing about Christmas in the comments :-)

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