Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Girl's Best Friend by Lindsey Kelk Book Review

I'm always awaiting a new book release from Lindsey Kelk and this recent release was no different. I purchased this one from Amazon as soon as it was released and read it within around 3 days. Which says a lot really considering I have so much work and uni work to be doing but hey ho, priorities.

This is the perfect Christmas book to get you in the Christmas spirit and it's such an easy read. This type of book is one of my favourites as it doesn't really get you thinking too much, which is what you don't really need before you try falling asleep. It's got a bit of everything inside; comedy, romance, Christmas and best friends.

Lindsey Kelk has written previous books which you may need to get your hands on as well. Although I think you could read this one alone there is another one (maybe two) before this one so you may like to read those first to get the full story and those ones are just as good as this one.

If you're after an easy read this Christmas season then I cannot recommend this one enough. I also think this would make a great stocking filler present for any friends or family you may have who love this kind of book. Lindsey Kelk is a highly recommend author, not just from myself, so I would definitely check out all of her books and let me know if you've read any and what you're favourites are :-)

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