Sunday, 13 December 2015

Disappointing Products #6

I do love dry shampoo and although I think I've found my favourite one out there, from Batiste, I can't help myself when I see a bargain. I also love buying and trying out new products. I saw this one recently in B&M Stores (I'm not sure if this store is all over the UK) but it's basically a discount store. They do sometimes have some great brands in there so if you do live near one and have never been in, it's worth a look.

Dove is obviously a very well known brand and I have previously tried many, many of their products. I have however never tried a dry shampoo from them, so when I saw this one for only £1.50 I couldn't help but try it. I can however now say that you should always stick to what you know! As I said I do like trying new products out so I'm glad I have tried it but it's really not up my street at all and I shall tell you why.

The application process is the same as any other dry shampoo but there's something missing with this one. I can't quite place it, there is white residue on the hair but not very much at all which is actually quite a good thing about this product. But when massaging into the hair it just doesn't feel very nice and I can only explain it as chalky. Which I have found with some other dry shampoos but this one just sticks to your fingers and I have to wash them after massaging to get rid of it. I then find that my hair just does not look refreshed at all and to be honest still looks greasy. For me, personally, the main reason why I use dry shampoo is to get rid of the greasy look and this one just doesn't help that factor at all.

Overall I can't really complain all that much for £1.50 but I like to share my thoughts on products with you and you seem to enjoy reading them too. I would definitely say there are much better dry shampoo's out there if you're like me and want to get rid of grease. Obviously this is only my personal opinion and some of you may enjoy using this product. Let me know your favourite dry shampoo in the comments :-)

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  1. Oooh I haven't even heard about this dry shampoo! I really like the herbel essences one! xo


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