Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Black Edit

The Black Edit

Petite top

Black jacket

Mini skirt

Bib overall

Black booties

Black handbag

Black jewelry

It's said a lot that black is the best colour, especially fashion wise, and I'm taking that to the next level with this post. I do adore black clothing, it's so easy to throw on and go, with barely any thought being put into it. You can dress it up or dress it down, you can accessorise it to the max or keep it plain and simple. The possibilities seem endless with the colour Black.

All of the items featured above are from the New Look website and clearly are all black. The skirt is probably my favourite out of all the items due to it's mix of suede and leather fabric. The mix of fabrics is also another fashion love recently and you get that in one fashion item with this skirt, again meaning less thought can be put into your outfit. A black and white stripy top is timeless and I think tucked into this skirt it would look casual and perfect for an everyday look. A cross body bag is my all time favourite style of bag if I'm honest. I do have a handbag but I find due to it's large size I stuff so much crap in there that when I use it, it severely hurts my shoulders. Therefore when I'm going out for the day, I transfer my essentials into a cross body bag so I don't have this problem.

I also feel as it is Winter, black is even more acceptable to wear everyday. I'm sure all you fashion lovers out there will agree with me, in general, about the colour black. I am also loving New Look at the moment as it's an affordable shop which incorporates a lot of the most loved fashion trends you want to get your hands on. Let me know your current favourite style/look and your favourite store to buy from :-)

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