Thursday, 17 December 2015

Disappointing Products #7

You've probably heard about my rant around high street/drug store foundation primers and if you haven't then I'll briefly fill you in. Basically there just isn't many affordable ones out there and if they are out there, then I've probably tried them and there's probably a reason why I haven't repurchased. I got rather excited when I saw this new arrival on the Boots website from Barry M. Again I'm sure you probably know, I suffer from spots which mean redness so this colour correcting one seemed right up my street.

So there are a few claims on this product: for anti-redness, pore minimising, smoothing and mattifying. The anti-redness claim being the main one for this product and I can safely say that it doesn't help my redness at all. It does smooth over the face nicely but where my spots may be, there is no difference in the look of them. I can't fully comment on the pore minimising factor as I don't suffer badly at all with pores, I occasionally do get some around my nose but I can't say either way really as to whether this product helped to minimise them. As I briefly mentioned this product does apply nicely and smoothly over my face. I simply just use my fingers to apply this and I don't need to worry anymore about it as it settles into the skin quite quickly as well. I do suffer with an oily t zone so again I was intrigued by the mattifying element. Unfortunately again I cannot say that this product helped my oiliness at all. The formula of this product is quite thick and once applied all over there is no evidence of any instant mattifying.

I've been using this product for the past few weeks now and after applying the rest of my make up, I find that my make up looks good/normal. This product doesn't ruin the look of my make up, I just find that where this product hasn't helped my redness I need to focus on that area a bit more than usual perhaps. My make up doesn't last very long, mainly just my t zone, when using this product but I was kind of prepared for that when I could see that it hadn't helped my oiliness after application. I simply just 100% know that I need to re-powder my face whenever I get that chance.

Overall I'm not impressed with this particular product from Barry M and will continue my hunt for a great high street primer. Barry M do offer some great products, unfortunately I cannot say that this is one of them. Let me know your favourite primer and your thoughts if you have tried this product :-)

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