Monday, 28 December 2015

My Week In Pictures #22

It's been a while.. Christmas has now been and gone which feels so quick but I swear it's like that every year. The build up is huge and then it's over before you even knew it started. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas however fast it went.

I actually finished work on the 23rd of the month this year which was so lovely. I cannot remember the last time I didn't work on Christmas Eve so this was particularly exciting for me. Not that I did anything special, I went to visit my sisters family and my grandparents, then sat on my bum watching Elf before Christmas was over. I now have until the 4th January off work which is also very, very nice. It's been so super busy recently so it's so nice to actually have a break.

This Christmas, for me personally, was very different. A couple of people missing which therefore changed the whole day in retrospect. My family and my sisters family actually went out for Christmas dinner which was again something very different for us. We have never been out for Christmas lunch before and I can say now that I don't think we will be doing it again in a hurry. I'm not criticising the food, the main course was lovely but there just wasn't really an atmosphere in the pub we were in. I know there are other places to go which may have what the pub we went to didn't, but from our experience we weren't all that impressed. On the other hand it was so nice to spend quality time with my family. We are quite a close knit family and we are lucky that we get to see each other so often anyway but as you all know Christmas just feels more special.

With Christmas now being over we have New Years to think about. I'm not fully into New Years, I can go out or I can stay in and probably end up asleep before midnight. I know some people really get into it every year but that's just not me. A glass of bubbly wouldn't go a miss though hey.

I did actually manage to get uni work out of my head for a few days over Christmas but not that's over, I really need to get my head back in the game. I have a dissertation to write and it's literally just constantly looming in my head. I'm going to allocate at least one, maybe two, days from my time off work to get stuck into it and do some reading. You never know I may even write something down on a word document!

Overall Christmas has been different but still just as lovely to spend time with my family and my nieces and nephews growing up. I swear you can't not smile when watching children unwrap presents, it's just too cute! If you are also getting a break this Christmas then I hope you are enjoying you're time off :-)

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