Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nivea Express Hydration Primer: Dry & Sensitive Skin

It's that time of the year where my skin type is changing due to the colder weather moving it's way in. I still get an oily forehead and chin but everywhere else has turned dry. I've never actually had skin as dry as it seems to have turned this year so I'm finding myself picking lots of new bits to help aid my dry skin.

I picked up this product in Boots when it was recently on offer and previously I have tried the same product but for Oily/Combination skin (you can read that review here if you have that skin type) so I knew I liked the product just the different formula. I love the quick and easiness of this product, honestly I cannot stress that enough. It's a moisturiser and primer in one so you're knocking one step out of your morning routine with this one product. It's amazing for those running late for work mornings or like me where you work somewhere where you don't need to glam up; this is the perfect product.

It helps hide and moisturise my dry patches as normally when applying my foundation my dry patches can go all flaky, but when I have used this it stops that from happening. It smooths out my face leaving it prepped for the rest of my make up. The lasting power is ok but nothing spectacular; my oily patches tend to wear off after around four hours but considering this product actually isn't aimed at oily skin then that's ok for me and I just blot it off on my lunch break and voila! As for the dry patches they do last quite a bit longer maybe around six hours before needing some attention.

Overall this is a great product for those quick mornings when you need them like me for work and for that I would recommend this product. On the weekends I definitely tend to stray from this product and use something a bit longer lasting if I'm heading out. You can buy this product from Boots for £4.99 here. I'd love to hear your favourite dry skin products for the colder months :-)


  1. Ha weird I blogged about this last week. Just looking up bloglovin and following people and clicked recommend so guess that's why it recommended you. I followed

  2. Cool! I love the idea of a primer and moisturiser in one! I get dry skin in the winter too so I'll definitely look into this product :) xo

  3. I bought a couple of pots of this and I loved it. Not sure about it's primer properties but it definitely moistened by dry skin! xx


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