Friday, 14 November 2014

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan

It may seem like the weirdest timing to write a blog post all about fake tan and quite frankly I agree. I do embrace my paleness over the colder months mainly due to sheer laziness and being so cold! Yes I love a good tan in the summer and this one was a staple this summer. But on the odd occasion throughout these colder months I have actually still been using this. This is the perfect tan for any occasion when you just want to liven up your skin whether it be a Christmas party or just a night out.

I actually received this product in a goodie bag from the Clothes Show last year but only really got into using this product throughout this years summer months. It worried me that it was in the shade medium and I put it off for a while. But when I finally took the plunge I was super glad I did so. This product does look pretty scary when applying as it's practically black in colour. You definitely have to use a mitt to apply this product or you'll be in trouble. When applying this product you do need to act fast as when it says instant, it definitely is that. But once worked into the skin it sets like a dream. There's none of that sticky, wet feeling after applying this product.

I wake up with a gorgeous glow and no streaks. The colour is not too dark but does show up. You do have to be careful around dry patches and awkward patches such as elbows, knees and ankles; but that's the same with most other fake tans.

Overall this product is great for those one evening occasions or when you're feeling like a spruce up from the paleness. It's a great easy product to use as long as you have a mitt and are quite quick with it! What are your favourite instant tans? You can purchase this product here :-)

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