Thursday, 20 November 2014


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I don't write enough lifestyle posts, I really enjoy writing them so thought I'd take a break today from the beauty bits and give you a slight update. I'm not quite sure what direction this blog post is going to take as I don't really have points written down to chat to you about, I'm just going to type and see where it takes me. So as the picture suggests, grab a cuppa and have a read if you fancy.

Firstly uni, I'm now in my second year and boy is it tough. I knew it was going to be harder than first year but it's definitely testing. The amount of choices and decisions you have to make at uni is crazy to begin with but in particular this year at uni, for me, there are so many decisions I have to make. One thing about me is that I am the WORST decision maker ever. Honestly I ask everyone everything, there's no such thing as a silly question in my world. So the initial first step, to some a simple decision, is by far the hardest part for me. 

Onto my blog actually, I don't know if you've noticed (hopefully you have) but I've been posting a tonne more than usual. I've introduced myself into scheduling my posts and tweets which has been an absolute lifesaver. I love being organised so this really helps me stay on top of posts and simply post more. I had noticed that I had a mountain of posts that I wanted to post but they were getting so back tracked that I would forget about them and just not share them with you until months later which annoyed me. I'm really hoping I can keep on top of this scheduling and therefore produce more posts for my readers.

On an other note I am super duper excited for Christmas this year, mainly due to a pretty big change on my work front. For the past three years I had been working at a retail store; starting firstly full time then when I started uni I became a Saturday girl. Now in order to pass my degree I have to be working with children so for the past year I've been working at a nursery, attending uni and working in retail on a Saturday. So a couple of weeks ago I quit my Saturday job and begun working full time at the nursery whilst still attending uni. It's been a big change but definitely one for the better. I'm loving being at the nursery more and finally have my weekends free!

So this leads on to my Christmas excitement. The nursery closes over Christmas so I get nearly two weeks off which I have never ever had before. Working in retail you don't really get a proper Christmas or any decent amount of time off. So this Christmas especially should be grand for me and I cannot wait. Spending time with my nieces and nephews over the jolly period is simply just perfect. Their excitement makes me even more excited.

I think for this post that's all the updates I'll be rambling about. I like finishing on a high, that is Christmas, and I hope you're all looking forward to the festivities too. I love writing lifestyle posts and fingers crossed it's something I can make myself do more in the future if you guys enjoy reading them. And on that note I hope you have enjoyed this post :-)

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