Monday, 2 March 2015

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I didn't want to do a normal beauty review today, I'm not quite sure as to why so instead I thought I would give you a little update. Again not really sure what I'm actually going to talk about in this post, so I will warn you I may ramble. We will just see where this post takes us. I do really enjoy reading and writing lifestyle blog posts hence why I wanted to do another. I don't do them that often as I don't see my life as the most interesting thing on the planet, I mean you can go and browse Asos for that. It's just nice sometimes to step away from the beauty aspect of my blog and do some free writing, in this case typing.

This leads me on greatly to a new investment I purchased this week. After battling with my old one for so long which was just clearly dying on me, I caved and purchased myself a brand spanking new laptop. It's so darn pretty, it's white! I now own a white iPhone, a white iPad and a white laptop. I love white clearly. It dawned on me when writing my most recent essay for university that my old laptop was a pile of shite and soooooo slooooooow it was something that had to be done. The sooner the better, so I did it, the next day. I'm so glad I did, even though I parted with quite a lot of money, it will be worth it in the long run. Since then we've had payday which helped out, it just means no beauty or random purchases until next payday. I wonder if I will be able to do it, challenge accepted.

Now I say not to buy random things which I think I need but clearly don't. My car also went to the garage at the weekend and cost slightly more than I was anticipating. It was the last service, as such, before I finally take the plunge and purchased myself a brand new car. It's been on the side lines for a little while now and I think I just need to take that plunge and do it. I don't see how anyone can regret buying a brand new car with lots of gadgets to play with. I know not all girls will feel the same way, I've just always had an interest in cars. Don't get me wrong, I do not mean the mechanics of it or anything. But I do like to drive a nice car myself and I've always been like that since my first car. I've been through a fair amount of cars since I passed my test, I must point out this is not due to crashing them *touches wood*. Two of my previous cars I had to change as they were broken and would have cost some dollar to fix. So anyway back on track, I've always wanted a brand new car that I will actually stick with and I think I'm in a good position to do so. This excites me very much!

Another excitement is that there is only just over two months before another summer starts and four months off of university. I cannot wait for this year to be over and then I can finally say that I'm in my last year which is crazy. This is something I should maybe save until I've completely finished university but the journey I have been on is surreal. The friends I've made, mainly in the past year, have driven me through and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without them *soppy*. But it is true and the friendships really do make the whole experience worthwhile.

Moving on it was recently my birthday a week ago today. It was a very chilled day, which was fine by me, and consisted of work then seeing family and friends. Then also a delicious meal out with my family. I am grateful for everything I received and was very lucky. I got some skin care bits including Liz Earle and Clinique, some clothing items, a Joules scarf and then some vouchers and money. This clearly means I need to go on a shopping spree soon. This may just be me but whenever I get vouchers I feel as if I need to spend them right away before I forget about them.

Anyway I feel like I have rambled enough so I hope you had your cuppa's at the ready for this post. I apologise if you didn't. I will say I loved typing all of this post on my new laptop, it feels so nice and new! I'm now off to go and read some more of my current book: Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell which is amazing by the way. There's a book prior to this one called Sex in the City and I 100% recommend both if you're into easy reading books, I may well do a review on them soon. This is something else I want to get into doing more often on my blog too - book reviews, I read so often that I feel I should. Rambling again... I hope you all had a lovely weekend :-)


  1. I love life lately posts, always a wonderful time to sit and catch up I think :). In-fact I've been contemplating writing one myself but I don't know whether to hold out or not haha x

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday girl!. Sometimes its nice to have a bit of a chill birthday and its sounds like you had a lovely day. Hope you enjoy spending them vouchers ahah ;) x

    Caitriona | Blog


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