Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I've had this foundation on a wish list on my notes on my iPhone for such a long time. It wasn't until a few weeks back, when I was talking to a friend who was raving about this foundation, that I was like 'right I need to try this foundation now'. I actually purchased this from Asos as they had some money off of all Rimmel products so I picked it up for £7 instead of £9, better than nothing.

I was quite sceptical about trying this foundation as it's all about the dewy looking skin which normally does not appeal to me or my oily t zone areas. But since my skin has changed recently and become more dry in areas, although I still have oily patches, I thought this could actually work. I've also tried the concealer from this range and love it so was really hoping this was going to be similar. The packaging is simple and it has a pump, what more can you ask. I picked this up in the shade True Ivory 103 which really is like a perfect match for my skin colour.

So it got to the first time I was going to use this foundation and you know when you really want to love a product but you just don't know what you're going to think about it. But I honestly applied this and was blown away! I haven't tried a foundation as good as this in such a long time. This foundation has a light/medium buildable coverage which I love. It covers my blemishes so well, I still need some concealer but sometimes a foundation can dry out my spots and this one definitely doesn't do that. It glides over them so well and it stays that way throughout the day. I was surprised that this foundation also worked so well on my oily patches. Yes I powder this in the morning after applying it but it does need some touching up a few hours later, but only on my oily t zone. The rest of my face stays in place really well throughout the day but does tend to come off slightly.

Overall I'm so pleased I finally purchased this foundation and wish I had bought it sooner! If you were like me and think that this wouldn't work on oily skin I would re-think and give it a go. It also works great on my dry patches on my face too. This is the perfect all rounder for day and/or night as it's buildable. I think this will also look really great in the summer alone for a glowing look. Let me know your thoughts on this foundation if you've tried it :-)


  1. I love this foundation! Gives such a gorgeous finish x


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