Friday, 27 April 2012

Bourjois magic nail polish remover

One of the things I told you bloggers I would purchase yesterday was this amazing product. I found it in Boots with the Bourjois make up. It was £4.99 which is quite pricey for a nail varnish remover but I was so excited to try this product I had to buy it and try it. I actually had nail varnish on when I got home and it was slightly chipped so I thought what a perfect time to try it out. So the bottle says 1 second... it might be an amazing product but I can confirm that it takes longer than 1 second to remove. You literally put your finger in the sponge hole (the second picture) and twist it around. You can see from the second picture what the sponge looked like after I had used it to remove my nail varnish. It really is such a quick and easy way to remove your nail varnish and there's no annoyance with any cotton wool, bonus! I really would reccommend this product to anyone!! A couple of queries I have it; how long is it going to last for?! Because paying £4.99 is fine really depending on how long the product actually works for. How long do you think if you know? Also I'm wondering how well it will remove sparkly/glittery nail varnish as I always have trouble removing these!
Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?


  1. Really great post. :) Been looking for some reviews on this as I really want to make a purchase on it very soon.


  2. I really want to try this. I hate using cotton wool to remove my nail polish *cringe*

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  4. I really like the idea of this! It does seem a bit expensive though in comparison to normal nail polish remover, if it lasts a while though it would definitely be worth it! i always hate taking my nail polish off! xx


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