Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ciate caviar manicure

Searching blogs today I found this new type of manicure on Glossybox's blog and O M G I really want to try this! I remember seeing it on someone elses blog before today, sorry can't remember where, and I wasn't that impressed by it but seeing it again has made me really want to try it. I went onto Ciate's website to find out that all 3 of the colours are already out of stock for pre-order so all you can do is enter your email address and get them to email you when they come back into stock! They come in 3 different colours; Rainbow, Black pearls and Mother or pearl. I'm usually attracted to the colourful things but am not a fan of the Rainbow manicure and think the black and white look much more attractive and sophisticated. In the pack you get 1 x Caviar Beads, 1 x Paint Pot Nail Polish, the colour you get depends on the pack you buy. I really like the 3D look, I think it's something different, funky and will really turn heads! The pack costs £18 which is quite pricey I think as you could probably buy the caviar beads from some sort of home store or something and then even use your own nail varnish! But all in all I would love to try this look, even just once to see the look in real life and see how really long lasting it is! What do you all think about this look?! xoxo


  1. wow, this looks stunning! especially the nails! so so pretty :)


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  2. I really REALLY want to try this.. I've never seen anything like it before !! Stunning..



  3. I am so buying these!! Also, I have given you the "Blogger Appreciation Award" !! :)

  4. this is so lovely, and your nails are so neat!:o
    lovely blog!


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