Thursday, 26 April 2012

Heated eyelash curler

Last week when my old eye lash curler died on me I felt as id I'd lost my right arm! As soon as it broke I was straight onto eBay to buy a new one. The one I purchased isn't branded but you can find it here . Including postage it only came to something like £1.98, bargain right?! I mean who wouldn't try something for that price. I leave it heating for a couple of minutes and then it's ready to use, you don't want to let it get too hot because it really does burn trust me! So the first picture is me as soon as I'd got out of bed pretty much so I apologise, the second is after I'd used the eyelash curler and the third once I'd applied mascara.

I really do love this product so much, I literally can't survive without eyelash curlers!! It really does work really well, I know when you see the product you wouldn't believe it because I also know that it looks really cheap and tacky! It's cheap but definitely not tacky and works a treat. The only slight downside would be how quickly it eats up batteries, it requires 2 x AAA batteries and they don't seem to last that long. Well they didn't last that long on my old one and then it might have been on it's way out so I'll let you know how this ones batteries get on! Do you use eyelash curlers? If so, which ones do you use?


  1. Wow these look really good! Might have to make a purchase and swap my regular curlers for these:) xx

  2. OMG your eyelashes look great before you even put the mascara on!! What a great curler :)

  3. Wow that turned out great, such a difference from before and after


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