Monday, 2 April 2012

London 31.03.12

First part of this blog... nails!! So I painted my nails the Friday night before we set off on the Saturday morning! I wanted to paint them a colour which would go with everything but had an edge of difference as I was heading to the capital of course! So I did the ring finger manicure with OPI Nicki Minaj Metallic 4 Life and then just used Rimmel black, 2 coats, and finished off with my Rimmel top coat. I love this OPI varnish and I think just having it on the one nail made it more of a statement.

After a car, 2 trains, bus and taxi we finally arrived at our hotel and it really was beautiful! One of the best hotels I've been to in a very long time! It was called the 'H10 London Waterloo' hotel. It was all very modern and clean!! The best part must have been the breakfast the next morning because there was so much choice, I mean where else can you get chocolate doughnuts for breakfast? Hehe.

After getting to the hotel, having a little rest, then getting ready to go out, we then set off on our adventure to walk to the river transfer. We walked past Big Ben and the London Eye to find our boarding point. We got the River Thames Clipper to the O2 as it's apparently one of the quickest ways to get there! I'm not really a big fan of boats and on the way there the sea was really choppy which wasn't very pleasent but I survived, haha! As you can see from the second picture the boat looked awfully like an aeroplane (well I thought so!). When we got to the O2 we needed to get some tea, we started queuing for Frankie & Benny's but they said it was going to be an hours wait!!!! Which was so ridiculous so instead we headed off to Nando's where we were only in the queue for about 15 minutes which was much better. After tea we went and found our seats and we had a pretty good view as you can see :) The X Factor tour was amazing!! (I will post some photos on another post as they are on a different camera) we got back to the hotel about 11:15 and by then I was already excited about shopping in Oxford Street the next day!

 Boots buys - nail file, Rimmel stay matte powder, Rimmel Matte finish, Models own nail varnishes; l to r; disco mix, coral reef and indian ocean

H&M buys - black leggings, pale blue with white hearts playsuit, daisy vest

Primark buys - mustard cardigan, black pop socks, black aztec vest, pj top, bra, striped top (was only £2! haha)

River Island - crochet print vest

Office - new TOMS! Khaki

New look - high waisted jeans, leopard print insoles

Did I buy too much? No, you can never buy too much ;) hehe. I really love everything I purchased and just want to wear it all! I cannot wait to try the Models Own nail varnishes because they are my first ones I've ever purchased so once I've tried them I'm sure I will blog about them for you guys! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my trip :) X factor pics to come soon so keep your eyes open! xoxox


  1. Wow you have good taste I love the daisy vest and the playsuit :)

  2. Great post :) Need to get my hands on some Toms!

    Loving your blog..follower! Would love if you could check out my new blog and follow :)

  3. lovely post, i havent been to london in forever and i really want to go back there! i really want to try some of the models own nail varnishes, they look amazing! xx

  4. Your nails are amazing !!! Seriously, I'm actually going to have a try of this tonight cos you're right. It will go with everything.. But it's something a bit different. I love all your nail posts!!




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