Friday, 27 April 2012

Topshop nail varnish - Eclipse

I also told you bloggers that I would finally get my hands on a Topshop nail varnish and I finally did! I picked this one up in the Norwich store, it's called Eclipse and I instantly fell in love. In my other Topshop nail varnish post I picked this one out from the internet and loved it but when I saw it in store I fell in love a little bit more. I paid £6 for this varnish which I think from a fashion retailer is pretty expensive but that wasn't going to stop me from trying it! I applied a base coat and then two coats of the Eclipse varnish and then finished with a top coat. This varnish shines so many different greens, blues, golds, yellows and black, it's amazing! I tried to capture the different tones in the pictures but it's such a hard thing to do but I promise you it's worth getting and looks so beautiful when applied onto the nail! I can also confirm that I will be purchasing another Topshop nail varnish purely because I love this one so much. It really does apply to your nail so well and easily as well which is something I love in a nail varnish. I really want to try a glittery/sparkly one next time to see what they're like :-)
Have you tried Topshop nail varnish? What are your opinions on the product?


  1. I have been so tempted by these nail polishes but they are pretty expensive. Its such a nice colour though, i may have to splurge!! xx

  2. Love that shade! I keep meaning to buy some topshop make up, but I always get distracted by their jewellery!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I've followed you back hun - love the nail varnish!

    Lea x

  4. ahh i looove topshop nail varnishes! I think they are great and there are sooo many to choose from! The hard as nails is also an amazing product, fixed my nails right up! Love that you have loads of nail posts.



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