Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Topshop nail must haves

Right I know I've said this before but this time it really is a must have this month! (And there's not much longer left in this month!) Topshop nail varnish... You would not believe how many blog posts and reviews I have seen about topshop nail varnish and every single one of them has something positive to say about them. So I'm asking myself, a girl who's obsessed with nail varnish, why I don't own one (or a few) as yet... And to that question I do not have an answer. That's why, on Thursday, I will make this happen!! Thursday I'm going on a little shopping trip with my sister, mainly for my nieces birthday present which I am yet to purchase but I think I'll quickly side track us into Topshop just for one of these! I love all of the colours I've posted the pictures of, especially the pink glitter and the two tone colour, so I'm hoping they have these in stock when I head down.

Another product I WILL be purchasing on Thursday is Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover. I've seen this product on Glossybox's blog and the found it on Boot's website. You literally dip your finger in the lotion and within 1 second, without cotton wool, your nail varnish is removed... apparently. If this really works this product would really be my life saver! You know those glittery nail varnishes which literally tear the cotton wool apart? Well I'm hoping this product will help with those dilemmas. So after my shopping trip on Thursday I will do a little haul post which WILL include at least 1 topshop nail varnish and this Bourjois nail polish remover! Blogger promise xoxo


  1. I got allll excited about this nail polish remover and then realised it has almond in it and im allergic haha :( also LOVE the pink glitter nail polish it looks AMAZING! xxx

  2. I've heard crazy good stuff about the nail polish remover, but I'm intrigued to see if the cheaper ones work just as well! Great post love, and thanks for the follow! xxx


  3. i love the sparkly nail polish! will have to check it out, i love your blog :)xx

  4. love these colours. silver nail polish is my favourite :) x

  5. Love these nailpolishes :) I'm in love with them


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