Monday, 16 April 2012

White nails

Recently I've seen many people, including bloggers, paint their nails white, so I thought I'd join the crowd. I won't lie but I got this L&B nail polish in a little set from a relative as a birthday or christmas present and literally never thought I'd use it but hey it finally came into use! I did two layers of the white nail varnish as it's not a very thick varnish and if I was doing plain white nails then I probably would have done a third as they still weren't properly covered. But I then just put a quick coat of China Glaze 'Marry a Millionnaire' over the top. I'd seen people use OPI Rainbow Connection but wanted to use a different glitter and I absolutely love this China Glaze varnish!! I then slapped on my Rimmel top coat to make my nails feel smooth rather than rough from the glitter specs. And I must say I really am a fan of the white nail varnish, although I may have to purchase myself a better one than this, hehe :-) xoxo


  1. Even though I always get told it looks like I have tip ex on my nails when I paint them white haha..I still think it looks good!

    Looks great with the glitter!


  2. thaks for your sweet coment on my blog! What about following eachother? : )

  3. Love this look, I think white nail varnish is vastly underrated - I love it!

    Sophie xx

  4. the white looks lovely!!

    love your blog :)
    please check mine out too

    esme x

  5. That's a great idea! Definitely gonna try that :)

  6. Love this look! Will def try white & glitter for my next manicure :)
    Great blog btw am now following xx


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