Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob

This lip liner has been raved about so much recently as being that Kylie Jenner lip dupe, affordable from the drug store. It's also known as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's lip cheat in Pillow talk. I've never really been drawn to lip liners as basically I've never wanted to line my lips. But little did I know that you pro beauticians actually use lip liners for the whole lip, crazy hey. That's when I really wanted to get my hands on this product.

I picked this up from Boots a couple of weeks back and have worn it every weekend since. This colour is absolutely perfect, honestly the perfect matte, nude colour. Due to it actually being a lip liner it's so easy to apply and get the perfect line around the edges of your lips. It obviously takes slightly longer to actually fill your lips in but nothing extravagant. As I mentioned this is a matte lip liner and can be quite drying. I definitely recommend putting a bit of lip balm on first before applying this product. Or I have applied this product and then put a small amount of lip balm on over the top to soften and hydrate my lips slightly. This could also be done throughout the day/night when wearing this product.

The lasting power is pretty good and the colour does stick around. It does tend to disappear slightly when eating/drinking but due to it being so easy to throw in your handbag, due to it's size, then you can take it pretty much anywhere. As this is a nude colour it also practically goes with any outfit and can therefore be worn in the day or at night. The price tag at £3.99 is amazing too for the product you get, it really is worth it.

I'm definitely a lip liner convert now and would love to try some others from different brands in the future. Let me know your favourite lip liners and also if you've tried this one :-) You can purchase here from Boots.


  1. I've tried it and like it a lot! One of my favourite lip liners brand are from MAC, a bit expensive but definitely worth the price. KIKO is another brand I very much like, if you get the chance to see one I'd definitely recommend going in for a look;)

  2. I've heard nothing but good about this lip liner and really wanted it years ago. I need to go and check it out soon. ^_^


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