Thursday, 5 February 2015

Simple Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream

I am 99% of the time a matte finish girl and other than a bit of highlighter, I don't like much shine if any. But I saw this a while back in Boots and the idea behind it caught my attention which made me purchase it. Simple skin care is great as it doesn't contain any nasty ingredients, this is great for my skin as it's prone to blemishes and can be quite sensitive. Boots also had 3 for 2 on all skin care which also made it nice and easy to pick up. 

This cream is infused with multi vitamins, skin loving ingredients and light reflecting minerals which catch the light for immediate natural radiant looking skin. Now this cream just sounded pretty amazing and I had heard many bloggers talk about it hence why I wanted to pick it up. On application this cream feels really light weight and doesn't take long at all to sink into your skin. This is the perfect cream if you're looking for that dewy, highlighted look and looks great under the same type of foundation. I have only used this under my foundation, although I do feel like this would be the perfect product to actually mix with your foundation to give a natural, dewy look. And actually this will definitely be something I will be trying out.

I did find when using this product alone and under foundation there are larger "glitter" flecks which kind of just sad oddly on the skin. I definitely needed to put on my foundation in order to cover it up basically, which it did do. So if you were planning on wearing this product alone then I would definitely give it a try first to see if you're a fan of the glittery aspect. Once I applied my foundation I did like the glowy look it left but unfortunately after a couple of hours it went slightly down hill. I have an oily t zone, especially my forehead and chin, and I found those areas were super highlighted. More so than usual and unfortunately that's down to this product. It just didn't last long at all and I knew it probably wasn't going to be the best product for my oily patches but I did use a light dusting of powder on those areas also. But it basically just didn't hold and my forehead just looked a bit like a light bulb.

Overall the actual cream is such a pleasure to use I just am not a fan of the glitter aspect of it. I think I will definitely try mixing this with my foundation before applying it to see if it lasts any longer on my skin. I really would love it if it did as I've said the cream is such a lovely product. Have you tried this illuminating cream from Simple? What were your thoughts?

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