Monday, 9 February 2015

The Hunger Games Trilogy

A slightly different post from me today and one I've never tackled before but have always wanted to. I absolutely love reading books, I don't have a particular genre of book that I like the best, just a general all over genre reading girl. I'm sure many of you have already read these books written by Suzanne Collins but I also wanted to share them with you if you have not. You must have all heard of The Hunger Games, if not where on earth have you been?

These books instantly grabbed me and as soon as I had finished the first I was instantly onto the second and then the third. They are seriously gripping, just like the films. I actually watched the first film before I read the first book and I know everyone has their individual thoughts about which way they prefer to do this. I actually think it helped me understand the concept of the book more after watching the film. There are a few bits in the books which are not represented in the films so when I did start reading it wasn't as if I knew exactly what was coming next (although I did have a small inkling some of the time).

In my opinion the books are just as good as the films (the last one yet to be released - come on November!). Even if you haven't watched the films and really want to read the books then I definitely advise you to. They are honestly some of the best books I have ever read. Although they may not be your easy pick up and read without 100% concentrating, they are pretty easy to read. Some of the words to begin with I was like HUH?! But it all makes sense once you keep reading. I can sometimes be the reader who starts to read a book, like the first few chapters, and then I forget all about it for a week or so. These books don't do that, you really are intrigued right from the very beginning. Basically you won't have much of a social life when you're reading these books as you cannot put them down!

I'm also a hater of really, really long chapters, anyone with me? Well these books do have the odd long'un in them but definitely not every chapter. You really get a feeling of what is happening in the book, learn about the characters and just generally a real insight into this fiction world.

I cannot recommend these books enough if you haven't already read them. If you're a kindle user then they are available that way I'm sure, if not get ordering yourself the trilogy from Amazon! You will definitely not be disappointed I can assure you :-)

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  1. I'm reviewing these at the minute as well! haha :) I adored the Hunger Games, a little disappointed that certain aspects were skipped in the films i.e. When Madge gives Katniss the mockingjay pin, in the film it's actually Prim who gives it to her... however I was still very pleased and am currently finishing the books for the second time! :)

    and we have the same last name! :') x


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