Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sleek Eyebrow Stylist

I've always heard raves about Sleek blushes, which I do also love, but have never really heard much about any of their other products. So when browsing Boots online a while back I thought I would try something different from Sleek and try it out myself.

I love an eye brow product which makes doing my eye brows a nice and easy task. This product looked as if it was perfect. It has the product on one end and a brush on the other. Therefore this is perfect for on the go as you have everything you need in one small, hand bag friendly product. This product is the definition of sleek, excuse the pun. The packaging is nothing spectacular but I love that you get both the product and a pretty good brush.

I was looking forward to trying this product due to loving the packaging including the brush so much. I don't dislike this product but the main thing I noticed is that it's quite a waxy product. The colour pay off is good but I do find that sometimes when applying this product it can clump some of my eye brows together. Although this is obviously not the end of the world as you have the brush and can therefore brush through them and leave them looking great. But I can find that throughout the day this product doesn't last as well on me. I have an oily forehead anyway so I'm not sure if maybe this has anything to do with this product not lasting as long. But I haven't had many eye brow products, off memory, that have done this in the past. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing drastic, it's not like my eye brows have dropped considerably but I can just notice the difference.

Overall this is a pretty good product for the price but my Soap & Glory Archery brow pen still stands out for me. This product includes everything you need to complete your eye brow look which I absolutely love and not many eye brow products do that. But the actual product is wearable but unfortunately not my favourite I've tried, although I will continue to use it up. You can buy this product here from Boots. I'd love to know your favourite Sleek make up items that you recommend I try :-)

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