Thursday, 2 April 2015

Elemis Skin Clear Overnight Serum

Another skin care product aimed at spots, aren't you lucky lucky readers. It's actually been a little while since my last one so I thought I would pop this one up next. I've had mixed feelings about the Elemis products I've tried in the past so here I am trying another. As I've mentioned my skin type has changed recently but unfortunately I'm still getting those pesky spots. I'm all for easy skin care steps and this product is exactly that.

Firstly the product again has a pretty strong smell, alike to the other products I've tried. I do find that this one disappears pretty quickly though so I can manage it. The product itself is simply a serum that you apply before you go to bed and it works on your skin overnight. It's aimed to help clear blemishes all whilst you're sleeping. The consistency of the product is actually quite runny so it can be tricky to apply. But once you get the hack of being fast then all is ok. It doesn't take long to sink into the skin which is great. No one wants to apply something to your face before bed and have to sit and wait before you can actually put your head on the pillow.

In the morning my face feels refreshed and I can see a difference in reference to my blemishes. The redness is visibly reduced which is a great starting point. It makes them easier to cover up when applying make up. I can't say I can see a huge difference in the size of my spots but this is definitely great for the redness.

Overall this is a nice product to use when you have those pesky red spots that you just can't seem to calm down, this will definitely help you. I've still got mixed reviews on Elemis as a brand but would still love to try some of their other products.

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