Sunday, 12 April 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

I used to be so into painting my nails a couple of years back, my schedule changed and now it seems I'm just too busy during the week. But I do like to get painting my nails on the weekends now as they're my free time. It also means that they should stay painted for at least the weekend before going back to work and getting all chipped. But hey ho, two days is better than none.

Recently Barry M have released this collection called "Speedy". Any nail varnish that claims a quick drying time is right up my street. Most in the past have never worked and the only thing recently that has been a life saviour is Seche Vite (you can read my post here). But as soon as I spotted these when browsing the Boots website, one immediately made it into my basket. The shade range all seems pretty nude/pastel at the moment but I'm not sure if anymore are going to be released. I picked up the shade "Pit Stop" which is basically a grey colour, which believe it or not I actually don't have in my collection.

The brush is brilliant, it's square so fits the shape of your nail perfectly in one movement. This made application super easy and painting my nails a breeze. I applied two coats of this nail varnish and it was fully opaque which is great. I hate having to do any more than two coats with any nail varnish. The speed this nail varnish dried at was incredible! It was honestly the quickest drying time nail varnish I have ever used. I didn't let myself do anything drastic to ruin my nails for a little while after painting, but I never do as I don't want to smudge them. But these dried super fast and I could really tell the difference compared to a normal nail varnish. Also this nail varnish lasted so long on my nails without chipping, even whilst at work. This is such a bonus for me as they normally chip within the first two days of me wearing them. This honestly lasted a good 5 days without chipping which is amazing.

For the price you pay, which I believe is £3.99, it's such a great nail varnish. I will definitely be picking up some more on my next trip to Boots. It's also still currently 3 for 2 on all Boots make up so if you're looking to splurge then definitely check these out! You can buy them here and also check out the other shades available. Let me know if you've tried this formula and your thoughts! Hope you've all had a good weekend :-)

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  1. This sounds great! I'm always put off painting my nails as it takes so long to dry so I definitely need to try this! x


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