Friday, 10 April 2015

Tips & Tricks #1

Having two nieces and two nephews means my home is often full of baby bits for when the come and/or stay over. Baby oil is one of those items and I have a great new use for it that I wish I knew sooner. I will put it out there, I haven't thought up of this tip on my own, you may already have heard of it. But it has really helped me recently so I really wanted to share it with you guys in case you haven't heard of it before.

I suffer with really dry legs and I have done for a really long time. It comes to a point that when it's time to shave my legs it can be painful. Not during shaving but afterwards. They become super itchy, red raw and flaky. It's really not a nice experience and with the warmer weather coming I need to do something about this. That's where baby oil comes into it... An oil is great for locking in moisture all over your body. So recently I've been shaving my legs with this Johnson's Baby Oil and boy has it made a difference. It has honestly changed my legs for the better, also my shaving experience. It's super easy to do and a lot less messier than shaving gel which is a bonus. I just use it exactly the same as I would have done a shaving gel and it works just as well.

My legs feel moisturised, they are not painful and my skin is not shedding. It's such an easy change and great tip that I couldn't not share it with you. So if you're like me and suffer with super dry legs then go and buy yourself some baby oil. It honestly works so well I couldn't believe it. I will now forever continue to use an oil over a shaving gel and now my legs will be summer ready. Now where's the fake tan?!

Feel free to share your favourite tip and tricks in the comments so that everyone can have a read and help each other out :-)

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  1. I LOVE this tip! I'm always looking at better ways to shave so I'll definitely be giving this one a go soon. :)


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