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Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

Firstly I apologise for this post being slightly later than expected but with the overload of uni work to complete at the moment, this post had to take a slight back seat. But do not worry it is now here only a day later than planned. I have literally just finished one essay (two more to go!) so I thought I would write this up now whilst I'm kinda in the type-y mood.

I purchased these Revlon nail varnishes a little while back when I went on a splurge on Boots website, with my Boots card points. I'd previously seen these in store but I was good and told myself I didn't need any more nail varnishes. Which is true but the fact that I was using my Boots points instead of actual money meant that I should buy them right? Gel nails went through a recent phase of being absolutely everywhere. I've only ever had gel nails done once and they really didn't last very long so to be honest I wasn't very impressed. Which meant that when they were all hyped up, I simply wasn't bothered.

But since all of the high street brands have brought out these "at home gel nails without the UV light", I have been slightly pulled in. They all claim the lasting power which is something that pains me the most. When you spend so long painting your nails and then the next day, BOOM, they're chipped. I know the job I work in they're never going to last long anyway but seriously more than a day please! I've always loved Revlon as a brand so when their ones popped up on the Boots website I just went for their ones. No particular reason why, other than trying their products in the past and have always pretty much been great.

I picked up the shade Winning Streak which is a gorgeous vibrant lilac, very spring like I thought. Then you have to also buy the top coat that goes with it, clearly the bottle that does all the magic, you'd hope. When applying I used a base coat also which it doesn't say you need but my nails easily stain so I didn't want to risk that. The brush on these are pretty good, nothing spectacular but they apply easily. I did apply two coats and I believe everyone would need two coats of the colour. It was very opaque after two coats which I liked the look of. Even before applying the top coat, my nails looked super glossy. I then applied the top coat which went on smoothly and waited. I really, really wanted to apply my Seche Vite top coat to help the drying time but I didn't as I didn't want to ruin the combination of nail varnishes. So I waited. And waited. They took forever to dry, I even ended up smudging a couple of nails because I simply got bored and had to do something.

Once they had dried I was impressed with the look of them. They looked super glossy and just like real gels that you'd have done in a salon. I really loved the colour I picked up too and it's definitely one I'll be wearing again throughout spring and summer. The lasting power of this nail combo wasn't all that great if I'm honest. I would say within a couple of days I had chips on a couple of fingers. Yes it can obviously depend on what you're doing and in my job it probably doesn't help that. But I can say that I wasn't very impressed with how long they lasted. I can say that I was impressed with how easily they were to remove though, I simply just used normal nail varnish removed which worked a treat.

Overall I loved the lilac shade I picked up and will definitely be using that again. I will try these two together again and see if they happen to last any longer. I still think I'll get good use out of both of these products but I'm unsure as to whether or not I will buy any more shades from this range. You can buy both products here from Boots, priced at £6.99 each. The shade range I must say is pretty great though! Let me know if you've tried this combo and you're thoughts on it?! :-)

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  1. I love these nail varnishes - I think they last really well! Gorgeous colour too - perfect for spring!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina


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