Monday, 20 April 2015

Stanley's 1st Birthday


Today I wanted to share something slightly different but something very special. A year ago today my youngest nephew was born very premature. At that thought many different emotions start to take over and you don't know what to think. There was a time where the future was unknown but 1 year on, thankfully he's one healthy and happy baby boy.

Yesterday my family gathered to celebrate his 1st birthday which was a lovely way to spend a Sunday. It's a nice time to get together as a family and celebrate something special. It's amazing to have seen the progress my nephew has made over the year and continuing into the future. We ate party food, we sang happy birthday, we ate chocolate cake and we had lots of laughs. It was the perfect day and the birthday boy himself seemed to have a great day. Although conked out by the end of the afternoon. Also after trying to bang the birthday cake off of the tray!

I suppose this is just more of a memory post, something to look back on and to share a miracle story with you guys if you have any interest/enjoy lifestyle posts. It's just a quick post but it's special for me to do and one to remember.

Happy Birthday Stanley :-)

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  1. Aweee what a cutie. Im so glad to hear he is healthy and well. I hope he had a very Happy Birthday (Im sure he did ;) ) and heres to many more happy memories and fun times in the future x Lovely post gal :)

    Caitriona | Blog


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