Monday, 27 April 2015

Tips & Tricks #2

The second in this, I guess you call it series, of tips and tricks. If you didn't see my last tips and tricks post then you can view that here, where I talked all about baby oil and what you can do with it. Today I wanted to share something that my sister actually recently told me to do. Again it may be something some of you already know but it was new to me so I wanted to share it with you guys in case you don't know.

You're probably thinking Vaseline? What can you do with that? When my sister told me to use this, I was like seriously? But I trusted her, did it and voila it worked well. The suspense must be killing you! If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I suffer with blemish prone skin. It just so happened that when my sister was round a couple of weeks back, I picked one of my pesky spots. Yes I know that's naughty but you know when you do things that you sometimes don't even realise you're doing? Well that's what I done.

Anyway immediately after picking it, it of course started to bleed. Oh boy, this spot was not going to stop bleeding for a long time either. I'd gone through a tissue and decided to come downstairs and was planning on just holding the tissue on it. This is when my sister said "go and put some Vaseline on it"... What? Yes you read right, so off I went back upstairs to my bed side table and popped some Vaseline right onto my spot.

Honestly it stopped bleeding basically straight away, I was shocked. I couldn't believe through all of these spots I've suffered with I didn't know this little trick. So instead of holding a tissue over my face, I now know to just use a small amount of Vaseline on it. You don't need a lot, it doesn't sting at all and works pretty much instantly. I think this is such a great tip and since then I've been using this little trick.

Overall I'm thankful that I now know this tip and will continue to use it in the future whenever I feel the urge to pick a spot that then wants to bleed like a ocean on my face. It's such an easy trick as well as I'm sure most of us girls carry a little tin of Vaseline everywhere with us, or there's a useful one laying at home. I also don't think it matters which Vaseline you use, I'm currently using the Aloe Vera one and it still works like a gem. Have you ever heard of or tried this tip? Let me know! :-)


  1. Oh I haven't heard of this before!! Good tip :)

  2. I love your tips and tricks! :D


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