Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

Another item which I purchased along side my Cleansing Oil is this over night serum from The Body Shop. As I've mentioned I do really like The Body Shop's products and they always have offers on which is another bonus when buying from them, whether it's online or in store. Something else I've been mentioning recently is that my skin has decided to turn really dry in areas. So I wanted something other than a moisturiser for dry skin to help it out.

I'd heard a few good things about this product and I liked the easiness of this product. You simply apply it before you sleep and it then works it's magic. At first I was slightly sceptical about putting an oil on my face, as I still do have oily patches. When I wake up in the morning my face is no different to any other morning which is great. This product clearly sinks in really well to my skin over night, it also does it pretty quickly on application too. It is an oil so can take slightly longer, I do tend to apply this about 5 minutes before my head actually hits the pillow. But once it's on my skin it doesn't feel heavy just obviously slightly oily but that soon goes.

When I do wake up in the morning I can see a difference in my skin. Some of my dry areas can become really quite red and tight but it definitely feels much better after using this product. Although this product does not aim at the redness the flakiness and tight feeling has been released. The dryness is relieved and it makes it much better for the day ahead. Although the dryness is relived it doesn't stay relieved for the whole day unfortunately. It does say 8 hour moisture which I think is slightly over exaggerated and unfortunately I wouldn't say it lasts quite that long. But I do really enjoy using this product and know that my skin will be replenished for a period of time. I must just mention the packaging as it feels really high end. The bottle is a baby pink glass and the little pipette makes it easy to know how much product you are getting out so you don't waste any.

Overall I'm pleased with this product and the results it has had on my skin. I will definitely continue to use this product to help relieve my dry patches as it doesn't phase my oily patches at all which is great. You can buy this product here from The Body Shop for £13 which is slightly on the higher price side but as I said, search for those discount codes to get the price down.

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