Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My week in pictures #12

What feels like a very long time ago I used to write my week in pictures posts rather a lot, weekly - you guessed it. I can't tell you why I stopped as I have no idea myself but I do feel like they are great posts. A couple of my favourite bloggers share the pictures they have taken recently and I enjoy reading them. This got me thinking, hence why I'm writing this post today, about starting mine again. Don't fret I have many more beauty posts lined up but I have realised I've done two lifestyle posts in a row. It's fine by me so I'm hoping you guys, as readers, approve too.

So the pictures basically revolve around; my cute westie, my naughty desserts, random pretty flowers, my gorgeous baby nephew and finally everything new that I've been buying recently. A couple of weeks back I just had the serious urge to splurge which was not great for my bank balance. Why does it always seem that when it's nearly payday, you see loads of new things you want/need to buy. Why can't shops wait until payday and then bring them out? This way it may help my bank balance slightly.

I've got a week off work next week and have so much to do it's actually rather stressful. My bedroom is currently in boxes, the walls covered in poly filler and there's dust everywhere. Basically it's a state but it's all in prep for me to redecorate on my week off. I just hate it when it gets to this stage, it's all messy but technically ready to go but you have to wait and live in the mess for a little while longer. I simply just want to get started but the time will come and then I will probably moan even more about the mess! But fingers crossed the out come is better than what it started as. I may take some photos and do a post on the transformation!

I hope you're all having a lovely week, we're half way through the week so not long until the weekend! Let me know if you enjoy reading these posts and leave your links in the comments if you write this type of post :-)

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