Saturday, 20 June 2015

My week in pictures #15

I'm going to admit it, these posts are called "my week in pictures" but I just cannot seem to do them weekly. I don't Instagram enough of my life snippets in one week in order to produce one of these posts for you guys. Therefore, and I hope this is ok with you, I'm going to keep the title the same and just post them when I have enough pictures to do so. I really enjoy writing these posts so I'm not scrapping them they just won't be weekly as the title suggests.

With the apology out of the way I've had a pretty busy week (or so) both in and out of work. Don't get me wrong I love being busy and keeping myself busy, but it is definitely nice every now and then to have a bit of a chill out. I haven't had my chill out yet so I'm holding out for next weekend although I still have plans but it should be more chilled than the past week.

So recently I've started the 30 day ab challenge, for the second time, hence the first picture. My dog clearly decided mid work out that it would be a great time to get her ball and want to play, I disagree. But the ab challenge, I believe I'm now on day 23, is so difficult. I keep pushing myself as I don't want to quit it again but the past few days have been getting pretty hard! I think I may do a blog post once I've finished and do a full review on how I got on etc.

Now I'll be very British and talk about the weather, it's been beautiful the past week minus this weekend just gone. It's actually been very hot and bare leg weather, woo hoo. Fingers crossed it actually sticks around, I mean it is June and all. So this Asos skirt I recently purchased was able to make an appearance. These denim button up skirts have been everywhere and in every shop over the past month or so. I then noticed one in the tall section and instantly put it into my basket. Being tall is such a pain when it comes to finding clothes that are long enough and Asos tall section is amazing.

Therefore I've had a busy past couple of weeks and cannot wait for some down time over the next couple of weeks. If you're after some down time with a good film to watch I definitely recommend Safe Haven if you haven't seen it (pictured above). It's a really good, gripping romantic film so perfect for us girls. I hope you're all having a lovely week :-)

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  1. Love that Asos skirt, looks very easy to wear! I haven't seen Safe Haven but sounds like the kind of film I would enjoy as I love a good romantic film x

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