Saturday, 6 June 2015

Currently Lusting: Asos

Seriously why do Asos get me every time? They seem to always have something (normally more than one) that catches my eye and seems to make me feel that I need it, when I probably actually don't. Everything included in this wish list, for one reason or another, I feel that I need it. Also, why is it when something is out of stock in your size that you need it even more?! It's super annoying and I feel needy that I keep checking back on the website, hoping and praying that it's back in stock. Surprisingly half the time, it's not. I do find that when things go out of stock on Asos that it does take a long time to come back into stock, maybe that's just me or the items I'm waiting for.
I love pretty much everything about Asos, the quality, website, endless styles and the saved items section. I've rambled about Asos many a time before on my blog so I won't go into it again. If you are a newbie to Asos then I definitely recommend checking it out, I can assure you you will probably, definitely find something you will love. Not only do they have their own branded stuff but they also sell a lot of other brands too which I like. As you can tell by the Olivia Burton watch which I only found around an hour ago and is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm just not sure right now is the perfect time for me to be spending that much money however tempting it may be.
Be sure to check out Asos if you haven't before although I'm pretty sure all you reading this definitely will of. Share your personal favourites below in the comments for me to check out :-)



  1. Those floral shorts are to die for oh my gosh, all these are so cute!

  2. Ooh I am loving the shorts and those shoes are so cute! xo

  3. Cute wishlist! I love the tank top with the yellow trim :)


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