Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Anti-Shine Pore Minimiser

Having both oily and dry skin is such a nightmare when it comes to buying skin care products that can help both of these issues. Basically there just are none, or very few (any suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated in the comments). This product caught my eye a while back whilst browsing in T K Maxx. It's from a well known brand, which you can find in Boots, and it only has to be applied to your oily t zone which sounded perfect to me. Therefore it wasn't going to affect my dry patches and it also claimed to help minimise your pores.

This product is kind of in between a gel and cream formula and I simply just apply this on my t zone every morning. It doesn't affect my dry patches, as I mentioned, nor does it affect my make up application. Sometimes I feel like the more skin care products I apply on my skin, my make up then takes the brunt of it and doesn't apply as well. Clearly stating that less is more but this product doesn't interfere with that which is another bonus.

After applying this product I can instantly see the difference on my t zone, it really does mattify instantly as this product claims. It sinks into the skin quickly as well which makes it the perfect product even when I am in a slight rush for work. This product helps keep my oiliness at bay for longer than if I wasn't to use this product. I will still need to powder my t zone at some point during the day but I can definitely see the different when using this product and I don't therefore have to do this until later in the day. On the pore minimiser front I can't say I notice the biggest difference in them when using this product. I don't have the biggest pores anyway but I do have them around my nose which some days are larger than normal. I can say this product does help slightly to minimise and therefore when applying my make up it makes it easier to cover them up. But I wouldn't say this is a big enough reason to use/buy this product, I definitely use it more for the anti-shine aspect.

Overall I'm pleased I picked this up and will continue to use it to help keep my oiliness at bay. If you have the same skin type as me then I would definitely recommend checking out this product as it does really help. As I mentioned if you have any oily and dry skin recommendations then pretty please leave them below :-)

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  1. this sounds really lovely, i love a good tk maxx find x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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