Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tips & Tricks #6

Number one I apologise for the ever so slightly dirty sponge pictured, I think it may be about time that I invest in a new one as I do love it very much. Number two I apologise for the lack of Tips & Tricks posts recently, it's actually pretty hard to think of new ones that often if I'm honest. So I'm trying my best to think of new ideas and keep up to date with these posts as much as I can.

Now since I began starting to get really dry skin using my hands to apply my foundation just wasn't doing anything for my skin. It meant that I was rubbing the foundation over the dry patches and it just made them flake. And I can tell you now, flaking face is not an attractive look. In my stash I found this sponge from Real Techniques and thought I would give it a go. I'm going to be honest again and to begin with I was using this sponge dry and yes I thought the results were ok. Until I realised that a much better way to use this type of sponge was to wet it before use.

I then started wetting the sponge before I then went on to use it to apply my foundation and my oh my the results changed. It honestly helps my dry patches so much more and is such a good way to apply foundation. The results do not leave a full coverage look, which yes sometimes I do want, but for an everyday foundation application I absolutely love it. It sets the foundation over my dry patches really well and doesn't effect it as much. My foundation doesn't cling to my dry patches when using this sponge wet and definitely doesn't cause any flakiness like I was experiencing.

If your skin type is anything like mine, dry, then I would definitely recommend trying out a sponge and make sure you wet it before you use it. I honestly use this sponge daily, other than nights out when I want a more full coverage look. I will also be investing in a new one of these sponges very soon and you can buy them from Boots here for only £5.99 which is such a bargain. Let me know any of your Tips & Tricks for dry skin in the comments :-)

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