Sunday, 28 June 2015

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint

Recently I've become slightly more tame with my nail varnish collection, I used to be obsessed and my collection was (maybe still is) rather large. Nowadays I'm trying to cut down buying them and only trying to buy them if it's a colour I don't own, a formula I know I love or something brand new which these ones are. I've always loved Barry M nail varnishes and that's mainly what the brand is known for. They have had quite a few new releases recently these Sunset Daylight Curing ones being just one of them.

I saw these recently on Asos, when I was having a big of a beauty splurge, and they had some money off so I thought I would give them a go. The colour of this particular nail varnish is what took my fancy to begin with, this one is in the shade 'Peach For The Stars' (I also love how all of these nail varnishes in this range have names related to top pop hits!). When you buy any nail colour from this range you also have to buy the top coat in order for it to work properly. Although I'm guessing if you just wanted the colour then you could use it alone with your own normal top coat you just wouldn't get the benefits of what this nail varnish duo has to offer. Barry M claim that this duo will create a gel like finish and the aim of this is that they bond together using day light, hence the name.

I recently tried this nail varnish duo at the weekend and absolutely loved the application. I used my own base coat and the colour applied really smoothly. The brush is quite large and square which is like my perfect nail brush. I applied two coats of colour and then applied the top coat which again went on really well. Now where I live in the UK it was pretty gloomy on the weekend I applied this and I'm not sure whether or not that has a huge effect on whether this duo works or not. I was painting my nails for that particular night as I was heading out but by the end of the night I saw several chips on a few nails.

Therefore I can't say I was best pleased with this product but as I mentioned I'm not sure whether the weather was a big factor in this particular application. I will definitely give it another go as I absolutely love the colour of this varnish and it honestly is the perfect coral for summer. That is the only reason I can think of as to why this nail duo didn't bond correctly but if you've tried this duo and know of why it might not have worked for me then let me know! I don't want to give up on it yet as I love Barry M nail varnishes and think this could work. Let me know if you've tried this duo and your thoughts :-)

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  1. I have also been eyeing these up lately because they seem a great idea and as I love gel nail polishes these sound perfect. However, like you I live in the UK and the only thing stopping me from purchasing these is the crappy whether we get, seen as it says they are cured by sunlight.


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