Monday, 8 June 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

C'mon Rimmel... 25 hour wear foundation? Firstly who on earth wears their make up for over 25 hours? The answer is not me! I picked this foundation up quite a while back and was drawn to it's claim of having full coverage. There aren't too many high street foundations which are full coverage so when I heard about this one I definitely wanted to give it a go.

It's kind of obvious but this foundation is a very thick consistency with it being full coverage and all. Although when applied onto my skin it doesn't feel all that thick, yes you can tell you are wearing make up but it's definitely not too heavy. This foundation does have SPF 20 which is perfect for the upcoming summer months if you need to wear something with a full coverage all year round, you're covered. The lasting power, however silly the 25 hour claim is, is actually very good. I have an oily t zone and this foundation really packs a punch when I start to get oily. It definitely stays in place a lot longer than many of my other foundations. I assumed this foundation would be fully matte but it's actually not, I would say around semi-matte. I still use a powder when using this foundation just to set it all in place and also get rid of some slight shine.

Onto the coverage of this foundation, well it is pretty darn full like it claims to be. I suffer with spots/blemishes therefore having something that helps cover those is always up my street. This foundation doesn't fault that, it definitely covers. If I'm feeling confident then I don't think I would bother with concealer on the rest of my face. But if I'm honest then I would probably still use it just to ensure that it stays in place. As we spot prone skin guys know then make up tends to slip off those bad boys so I like the completely cover to try and keep it in place for slightly longer. I have been using my Real Techniques Sponge to apply this product which does help if you're like me and do have slightly drier skin. Although saying that I don't find this foundation to be great for my dry patches, therefore if you have dry skin you may want to stay away. I find it clings badly and patchy on my dry patches however well it may cover it just doesn't look that great.

Overall this is a good foundation although it just doesn't work so well on my dry patches which I am slightly disappointed about. But I am pleased with the results on my oily t zone, it's just a shame this foundation doesn't work on both skin types. Although I kind of feel like I should have known a full coverage foundation would not work as well on dry skin. Therefore if you're looking for a full coverage foundation then I would definitely check out this offering from Rimmel. Let me know your favourite full coverage foundations below :-)

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