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Porridge Oat Cookies Recipe

With summer coming it's a time when all those diets and healthy eating starts in order to obtain the "summer body". I can say that although I may not be aiming for this, I have been trying to eat a lot healthier recently. This basically means cutting out the crap, although still treating myself on occasions, and just watching what I eat. I have an app on my phone which I use daily (a post on this will be coming soon, watch this space) which helps me track my eating. With all of this in mind I went hunting for healthy baking recipes which consisted of porridge oats. This is because currently in my house we have two huge bag fulls which need to be used up hence this recipe. I actually found it online but I wanted to share it with you guys as they really are delicious!

You will need:

75g (3 oz) self raising flour
75g (3 oz) porridge oats
75g (3 oz) sugar
75g (3 oz) butter
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1 tablespoon milk
First things first you need to turn your oven on to 180C/Gas mark 4 and line a baking tray with some greaseproof paper so there's no sticking.
Then sift the flour into a bowl and mix in both the porridge oats and sugar.

Once you've mixed this you need to melt together the butter, syrup and milk in a saucepan until it's all melted and heated.
You then add this to the dry ingredients and mix them all together until they are combined.
Next you need to spoon the mixture onto a baking tray, placing them quite far apart as they do expand quite a lot.
They are then ready to put into the oven for around 12 minutes but this can depend on your oven. You basically want to cook them until they are golden brown.
When they are finished, leave them for 5 minutes to cool before removing from the tray.
You can then eat!
This is such a simple recipe and makes around 8-10 cookies. I absolutely love the taste of these and could easily eat 3 in a row! They are perfect as snacks and a healthier alternative to many other snack items. Let me know if you try out this recipe and whether or not you enjoy them! Happy baking :-)

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  1. these looks really yummy! i find biscuits with oats to be so more-ish haha!

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