Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Recently due to starting to have dry patches on my skin as well as oily patches I've had to try and cater for both skin types. Which I can tell you is a bloody hard job to do in actual fact! To be honest I really have been struggling with my skin care and make up since having drier combination skin. Powder is that make up item that is aimed at oily skin types mainly but also for the dry skin types in order to keep make up in place. Having both of these skin types I therefore need a powder that does both of these jobs but also works on my dry patches.

I came across this offering from Bourjois a little while back now and it was actually another Amelia Liana inspired purchase (I seem to be having a lot of those lately). She raved about it in a couple of YouTube videos so I thought hey, I might as well give it a go. I must admit after purchasing this it sat in my make up drawer for quite some time until I actually pulled it out. This is mainly because I'm one of those girls who likes to finish up what they're using before using the new one. Which can actually be frustrating because I really want to use the new one but I tell myself I must finish the old one first. Anyway I was a good girl and did just that. After finally getting it out of my make up drawer I was excited to try it out finally.

The packaging is a cute little compact which would be perfect for in a hand bag as it also has a decent sized mirror inside. This powder is also from their healthy balance range which I actually love the healthy balance serum foundation (another reason why I thought this would be a great purchase). When I first used this I absolutely loved how it felt on my skin. It honestly felt like I hadn't applied any powder as it feels so light weight. It glides over my skin really nicely with a big powder brush. To begin with I just applied this to my oily patches to see if I could see a difference and I definitely noticed one. The shine to my oily patches instantly disappeared and didn't make my skin look cakey. I then applied very lightly to my dry patches, I didn't bother putting any more product onto my brush, and again it went on very easily. I was surprised with how this looked on my dry patches as if I'm honest I didn't have high hopes simply because not much has worked for me recently. So after application and looking in the mirror I was pleasently surprised and it didn't look bad.

I'll be honest you could tell that I had put powder on my dry patches as it did ever so slightly cling to them but these were the best results with any powder I had had recently. And I really had been shopping my stash and trying different things, none of which worked. So I was really impressed with this powder. The lasting power was alsoo really impressive and lastss a lot longer than any other powder I've tried. Obviously I don't need to touch up my dry patches at all throughout the day but my oily patches lasteed really well. I would say around a good 5-6 hours roughly before my oily t zone starts looking slightly shiney. I find this an impressive amount of time for me to go without having to touch up my make up, hence why I was very impressed.

Overall I have really been enjoying using this powder and have done so every day since the first time I started using it. It's not 100% perfect for my dry patches but as I mentioned, it's so much better than any others I have tried recently. I must also add, alike to the foundation in this range, the powder also has a lovely fruity, subtle scent to it which I actually really like. I will definitely continue to use this powder up and will enjoy doing so. If you have any recommendations of other powders you think I should try then leave them in the comments below! :-)

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  1. I have been thinking of getting this one as I have not long finished my soap and glory one heck of a blot and have gotten the Java one from bourjois but I really want this one too...I love having a few face powders on the go :)

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