Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tips & Tricks #3

I'm really enjoying writing these tips & tricks posts, and you guys seem to be, so I really hope you are as much as I am! They are just simple little things that I have learnt myself or advice given to me from people I know and I enjoy sharing them with you. I also hope they are in some way helping you guys as well as they have definitely helped me in some way throughout time.

I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been using clear mascara simply because I have no idea myself. But it has been a mighty long time and now I wouldn't go a day without using it now. Now I'm not sure if clear mascara has any benefits when using it by itself but I very rarely do that unless I'm going out but cannot be bothered to put normal mascara on. I will just add that it's very rare these days to find a clear mascara on the high street. I came across this one a couple of weeks ago in Superdrug from MUA for £1 and it works just as well as any other. So it doesn't matter what make up brand you go for as I find them all to work the same as one another.

My simple routine just involves an extra step which is where this beauty comes in. I simply just apply this mascara before my normal black mascara, yes it's that easy. There are many reasons why I do this which I will tell you now. Firstly I find that it helps my mascara stick and hold onto my eyelashes much easier but also for longer. I think this is a great tip if you sometimes suffer from your mascara dropping down under your eyes because most of the time I find this helps me. Sometimes it can be the black mascara that you are using but most of the time this helps a lot. Another reason is that I find it keeps my black mascara working for longer. So when it starts to become slightly dry and as if you want to throw it away, because you're still using a clear mascara which still has life left in it, then it prolongs the life of your mascara. Finally it enhances your black mascara as well, I find depending on the mascara but it definitely helps with lengthening and thickening my lashes.

Overall this is now dead set into my make up routine and will continue to stay there. If you've never tried a clear mascara before then I would definitely recommend doing so, especially as this one I've been using recently is only £1, you really can't go wrong with it! Let me know if you've tried this tip before :-)

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