Tuesday, 5 May 2015

L'Oreal Ever Strong Nourishing Intense Mask

This is a relatively new purchase for me and normally I wouldn't do a review so quickly but I've definitely used this enough times to tell you guys all about it. So I was browsing in Boots for a hair mask as ever since I last got my hair dyed it had just felt horrible and dry. Therefore I needed something to help with that and I also wanted something that does the job pretty quick. I'm really not a fan of those hair masks which you have to shampoo your hair, then put the mask in, then leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. That's probably what I need but it's way too much effort for my liking.

I came across this one in Boots, last one on the shelf and it was on offer, bonus! I'd never heard of it before but everything it claimed sounded what I needed. It's a nourishing intense mask which contains no sulphates and respects and reinforces the hair. It also works between 3-5 minutes which is incredible and just what I wanted. I mentioned this was on offer, I think it had like 1/3 off, and it was only just over £3, bargain. Basically this mask could do me no wrong, so far.

I think the same night I purchased this product I then went and used it, can you tell I was excited. I had my bath and used this mask, came out, dried my hair and was pretty impressed. Not only does this mask smell nice by the way, always a plus point, it left my hair feeling so soft and as if all my dry ends had disappeared. It amazes me how well products like this one work in such a short space of time. I've used this mask multiple times since and the results haven't changed. It leaves my hair feeling nourished and non brittle. I also find it hard sometimes to detangle my hair, due to it's thickness, but I really think this product helps that aspect too.

Overall I'm really pleased with this hair mask and how effective it is in such a short amount of time. It means I can have a nice, relaxing bath and not have to worry about faffing with the long wait of a hair mask. I look forward to using this product and will definitely be checking out the other hair care products from this range. Let me know if you've tried anything :-)

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