Friday, 1 May 2015

Avon Makeup Setting Spray

Back to a normal beauty review today after what actually seems like a really long time, although I know it's not really. I've got lots of beauty bits to review for you guys but sometimes it is nice to have a little break from them. It means I can talk to you about other topics which I normally wouldn't get the chance when always talking about beauty products. But yes, it is nice to get back on it.

Avon is a great brand for make up and I find they are always bringing out new and exciting products onto the market. I know a make up setting spray isn't anything new but when I purchased it, quite a while back now, it was a relatively new concept to me. My first ever setting spray was the Urban Decay De-Slick make up setting spray (long name and you can find that review here). I really enjoyed using this product and after it was finished I was flicking through the Avon catalogue and came across this one. It was super cheap and sounded great so I went for it.

I don't wear a setting spray every single day and tend to just use this one for a night out or if I know I'm going to be out of the house for a long time without having the time to top up my make up. It's a pretty fool proof beauty item. When I've finished all of my make up I simply spray this product a few times all over my face and allow to dry. I do find this one to be a lot more wet compared to the Urban Decay one. I think the spray on this one simply gives off too much product in one spray and you can sometimes end up with large water drops on your face, which is just rather annoying. But once this product has dried it doesn't feel heavy or as if you've sprayed anything on your face. I have read that some setting sprays can leave your face feeling stiff as such, but luckily you don't get that from this one.

I think this product does help with keeping my make up in place for longer. It definitely keeps my shine at bay for a lot longer than it would normally if I wasn't to use this, so that's a definite thumbs up from me. Yes it does help lengthen my make up but nothing dramatic. I do feel as if the Urban Decay one was better at keeping my make up in place for longer compared to this one from Avon.

Overall this is a great and cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay offering. It does have some great benefits but if you can overcome the flaws then it will definitely work for you. This is also a really decent sized product for the price you pay which is great. Let me know if you've tried a setting spray and what your favourite one is :-)

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