Sunday, 31 May 2015

Caseflex Bluetooth Keyboard

I love blogging but anything to help me out writing posts is a winner. Earlier this year I purchased the new iPad, originally not for blogging, but after some thought I kept thinking it would be great for doing just that. I'd been searching for a keyboard for my iPad for quite some time, having absolutely no idea what I was looking for, this did take some time. But I finally settled with this one from Amazon from a brand called Caseflex.

It's a really slim and lightweight design which I love, it means when you need to carry it around it's basically no weight added. The iPad is pretty light too therefore makes it a lot lighter to carry these two items than a laptop. This keyboard has everything a normal keyboard has and I really like the white and silver design. One slight annoyance is that it uses batteries therefore could be unpredictable when they run out. Although it does have a battery light so you do get some notice it just could be that they run out when you're away. Therefore don't forget to pack batteries if you're thinking of taking something like this away with you.

This keyboard easily links up to your iPad using Bluetooth and honestly takes less than a minute. You simply go to Bluetooth on your iPad, turn the keyboard on, they link up and voila you can instantly start using the keyboard. This keyboard doesn't only link up to iPad's but you can also link them to windows and other apple devices all through Bluetooth. Therefore this is such a great item for many different products and it really helps me when writing blog posts. I find that if I cannot be bothered to get my laptop out then I know my iPad is already out and ready to use. This makes the whole process a bit faster. The only thing is I cannot add my blog photos to my posts through my iPad so what I tend to do is make a new post, add the pictures and then whenever I want to actually write the posts I can just get my iPad out and do so, with the pictures already there.

Overall I'm really impressed with this keyboard and have been using it rather a lot since purchasing it recently. If you're like me then I would definitely check them out and invest in one. It honestly does help with time and effort when I'm being lazy. You can purchase this exact keyboard here from Amazon for only £12.89. Let me know if you use this method to write your posts and your thoughts :-)

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