Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

Is it just me or is a primer the hardest thing to find on the high street? I struggle so much and there just isn't really much on offer that grabs my attention. Saying that, after hearing Amelia Liana rave about this primer in a couple of her YouTube videos I thought I would give this one a go. I've tried many primers and enjoy using them daily to (hopefully) control my oilier patches on my skin. Before I get started on the actual review I'm mighty confused as to why this has a shade of 002 as I couldn't see any other shade on offer? Plus it's a white consistency with no colour,

This primer from Rimmel claims a lot, five things to be exact. It claims to smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify and protect your face all from this product. I think products that claim a lot on the packaging in big writing is a pretty brave thing to do. I personally don't feel as if this product does do all of those five things to my face unfortunately. It definitely smoothes my skin out and preps it for my foundation I'm then about to apply. And yes I agree that it resurfaces my skin, again prepping it for foundation. Both of these points make it nice and easy to apply my foundation. Brightens and mattifies? I'm really not sure I agree with either of those claims. This product leaves my skin with a sheen/satin finish therefore not matte and I find that it doesn't do anything in terms of brightening my complexion.

The texture of this primer is actually rather nice, it's quite a thick consistency but it doesn't take long to soothe into the skin. It kind of feels like you're applying another moisturiser before your foundation. However saying that I do find this isn't the greatest primer for my dry/dehydrated skin. I do find some of my foundations, not all of them, cling to this primer and leave my dry areas basically looking pants. Now I don't know whether that's a criticism of the primer or the foundation I'm using if I'm honest. But I can say there are days when wearing this primer it works great with the foundation and other days the foundations that don't work with this primer work well on my skin. So it's a confusing one to be honest.

Overall this is an ok primer but I don't think I will be repurchasing it again although I do love the consistency of it. There just seems to be too many negatives surrounding this product and I think I may have to look at slightly more luxury products to find a decent primer. Let me know what your favourite primers are as this one is nearly all gone and I need to invest in a new one!

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