Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bucket List

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There are many things I would love to do within my lifetime, as I'm sure many of you would agree. I would love to actually write them down and share them with you guys and also hear yours too. I'm not sure this is quite a bucket list but it's the things I've always thought I would love to do, achieve and complete. I've never actually written them all down anywhere before so you heard it here first guys. Therefore this might be more of a "20 things to do before a certain amount of time" but what a naff blog post title that would be hey!

1. Go to LA
2. Complete my third year University
3. Be more positive
4. Visit a place I've never been to before
5. See my friends more often
6. Worry less about the little things
7. Go to a festival
8. Move out
9. Be proud of what I've achieved
10. Love my blog
11. Exercise more
12. Continue to eat healthily (with the odd exception)
13. Spend more time with my family
14. Meet new people
15. Hunt down Lauren Conrad
16. Enjoy some time without wi-fi
17. Go on a large family holiday
18. Do something that's out of my comfort zone
19. Take more photographs
20. Buy something I've always wanted (preferably a high whizz camera to complete #19)
So there goes I've shared mine with you and let me hear one or a few of yours in the comments :-)

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