Saturday, 4 July 2015

Disappointing Products #1

Not only do I like to share the products that I love with you guys but I also find it helpful when reading other blogs about disappointing products that haven't lived up to fellow bloggers expectations. I find that after reading the reviews from other blogs will determine whether or not I want to buy that particular product. I know sometimes this will be more helpful when it comes to higher end/more expensive products but even some of the drug store/high street products these days can be slightly pricey if you are only just starting out with make up. Even so if a disappointing product post helps you save a few pennies in the drug store then that's a positive too. Hence why I'm going to start this little series called Disappointing Products and just post them as and when I come across a product that I don't get on with myself. I will add that this is obviously only my opinion and what doesn't work for me may necessarily work for you.

So without further ado the first product featured in this series is this matte serum primer from Bourjois. Recently I had been hunting for a new drug store primer and to be honest I really struggled. I wanted something I hadn't tried before and there just really weren't that many out there that appealed to me. In the end I took to Asos as they had money off their beauty range and ended up purchasing this one from Bourjois a bit cheaper than priced in your typical store.

What appealed to me was the mattifying aspect of the product as I have an oily t zone which I would like to keep under control for longer throughout the day. I knew this wasn't going to be the perfect product for my drier patches but I thought it may be ok to just glide over to hold my make up in place for slightly longer than without any primer. Unfortunately when I applied this product my skin just completely started flaking everywhere possible, even my oily t zone. I clearly applied the primer after my moisturiser but when applying the primer I found that it stripped my face of my moisturiser and just left my face with those of flaky patches. It made my skin look terrible and there was nothing I could do other than to take it off and start completely over again with my moisturiser. It was such a pain considering most days I tried to make this work I was actually in a rush for work, typical me.

Overall this product was just really disappointing for my skin type and completely dried it up. It makes me question which skin type this would actually work for as I have both dry and oily and it didn't work for either of those, therefore you must have to have quite normal skin I suppose. I love Bourjois as a brand and have so many other products from them which I love, it just so happens that this one did not work for me unfortunately. I hope this helps at least one of you guys out there before purchasing this particular product and I'll keep you updated on other disappointing products I may come across. Let me know your thoughts on this product if you've previously tried it :-)


  1. I think this is a hit and miss product depending on the person and their skin. I have super oily skin and it does slightly delay the oil slick which is my face by the end of the day haha, but I admit not by much. However, this is my fave drugstore brand so I hate to say it's disappointing, but I agree it isn't their best! x

  2. I was really disappointed with this too, my skin is super oily and it just did nothing for me! I also found it kind of went funny when I tried to put my foundation over it - not impressed at all!
    I really like the tea tree pore minimiser from The Body Shop for oily skin :)

    Jess xo
    via the #bbloggers chat

  3. That sucks that this product didn't seem to be any good! I've been looking for it for a while to try as well. Think I'll steer clear from it though now. :)


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