Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sleek Face Contour Kit

I'm very much a newbie when it comes to contouring and this is the first contour kit I have ever purchased and owned. I love the contoured look when I see it on other people and celebs but I've always failed to think that I can recreate the look myself. With all that in mind I thought I needed to give it a go to find out whether or not my thoughts were true. I had heard and read a lot about this one from Sleek and it was pretty cheap so I thought this would be a good place to start.

The packaging is really compact and you get a decent sized mirror included so it's perfect for on the go. Within this kit you get the contour shade and also a highlighter, so again perfect for on the go as you have two products in one compact. I must admit I was slightly scared of the colour of the contour shade but I did opt for the lightest shade available in this kit and when swatched it really doesn't look as dark. The highlight shade is a gorgeous champagne with pink hints to it and looks lovely on the tops of your cheek bones.

Within this kit there was a little instruction booklet which I must admit I had a little read of and pretty much stuck to when I first used this product, simply because I was pretty clueless. I had also read a lot from other beauty bloggers all about contouring so I knew roughly what I was doing. With this product I use my Real Techniques contour brush and find that they work really well together. Both shades are highly pigmented therefore you barely need any product on application. This is definitely a key tip from me if you're also new to contouring, apply lightly and build up until you have your desired look. I would definitely not apply too much product onto your brush because once it's on your face it can be difficult to then cover up.

The contour shade it completely matte in this kit which is exactly what you want when it comes to contouring. It blends seamlessly into the skin but you obviously have to work this into the correct places in order for it to look natural. When applying the contour I do the unusual but normal contouring face and suck in my cheeks looking like a fish. I then apply the product lightly into the hollows of my cheeks and build it up until I like the look of it basically. On a normal everyday make up look I probably just apply this twice lightly onto my face but if you're after a night out look then I would recommend building it up much more. With whatever product is left on my brush I then sweep this down either side of my nose. I don't apply more product for this as I find you don't need a lot in order to create the look.

When I'm happy with my contour I then go in with the highlighter and apply this on the tops of my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose. This highlighter honestly looks so lovely in the summer and when the sun light hits on it. It does contain glitter but it's not too heavy for everyday and sits nicely on the face.

This kit is just perfect for those days when you're feeling like you want to wish you looked a bit more like Kim Kardashian. I can't say I use this kit everyday but I definitely like to use it on the weekends and when I'm heading out for the evening - basically whenever I can actually spend time doing my make up and not when I'm in a rush for work. Let me know if you've tried this kit or what you're favourite contour is as I would definitely like to try some others now! :-)

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